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Urgent.. Banning and suspending flights between some countries
suspending flights

A few hours ago, the official spokesman for the armed forces of France announced that the State of Algeria had closed its airspace to the movement of aircraft belonging to France, and specialized military aviation with the decision.

In detail, on Sunday, October 3, 2021, the State of Algeria announced the closure of its airspace to the movement of French military aircraft.

On the other hand, the official spokesman for the French armed forces clarified that two military flights were scheduled to launch, and after Algeria's decision, France was forced to postpone those flights for an unknown period.

The spokesman made it clear that Algeria's unilateral decision will not have a clear impact on France's operations in the Sahel region.

It is worth noting that the State of Algeria summoned its ambassador to France after it considered the recent statements of the French President as irresponsible statements that affect the martyrs of Algeria who died for the independence of Algeria, according to what was announced by the Algerian presidency.

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