UAE: New official working hours for employees

UAE: Implementation of a new study system due to the Omicron mutant

New fuel prices during January

Important ministerial circular to citizens and residents regarding corona vaccine certificates

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Urgent.. the state begins imposing new strict measures on citizens and residents within hours

An important statement from Dubai roads for all drivers, citizens and residents

Urgent official decision regarding vaccinations for all citizens and residents

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Harassment by the work manager causes a painful end to the life of an employee..Details

Good news for citizens and expatriates regarding exempting their own cars from fees

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UAE: Updating the "Green List" of Travel Destinations

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Disrupting the movement of passengers to and from many destinations

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Launching the first insurance policy for expatriates

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Suspending entry for travelers from 4 countries and tightening travel restrictions

Early 2022.. Heavy penalties for citizens and residents regarding communication sites

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The application of the "green traffic" system to citizens and residents in the regions of the country.. Urgent