Extending the exit and return visa for expatriates in some Gulf countries

The Emirates Khalifa Fund finances 79 projects with 50.3 million dirhams

The decision "Education and Knowledge" regarding students studying in schools

"Meteorology" warns of strong winds and high waves

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Some Gulf countries announce the payment of 6 months of rent

An initiative to keep rent exemptions in some Gulf countries

Some Arab countries decide to exempt the tourist visa for all citizens of the world

The government of Kuwait, a statement of the date of flying operation again

The Saudi government applies a new airline tickets system

Oman introduces a new flight system instead of the usual to operate the airline again

Qatar is stimulating a new electronic airline tickets system in place of the current system

Saudi Arabia stimulates new electronic airline tickets system instead of print

Emirates airlines rise airline tickets return flights

Saudi Arabia, a new initiative, mandatory examination of all citizens and expats for free

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources announces the initiative to address the disruption of job stairs

Emirates airlines opens flights but with limits

Coronavirus: UAE reports 314 recoveries from Covid-19

Qatar opens the aviation door for expatriates to return to their country under this condition

New curfew times revealed across in UAE

The royal court statement is presented to the royal court to pay debts and how to submit them

UAE will not do as Saudi Arabia did