free food for tens of thousands of families because of Corona

Important statement for all citizens and residents today regarding the Corona virus

Gulf countries prepare to evacuate stranded foreigners

Reducing trading hours in the UAE stock unitemporarily

Reducing trading hours in the Qatar stock market temporarily

Reducing trading hours in the Bahrain stock market temporarily

Reducing trading hours in the Kuwaiti stock market temporarily

Bahrain canceled some loans and postponed some of them 6 months without any fees

The Emirates exempt some loans and postpone some 6 months without interest

A Qatari official video ran over an Asian worker and proud of his insult

Reducing rents and exemptions from payment in the Gulf countries due to Corona

Some Arab countries prohibit all flights to travelers from all countries of the world

Apply additional measures to citizens and residents of the Gulf states

Prohibition of entry of residence owners and exemption from the fine of violations of residence in the Gulf countries

Sovereign guidance for citizens and residents regarding Corona

Details of the examination of tens of thousands of people in the Gulf states because of Corona

Airlines ban travel to dozens of countries.

Gulf states decisions: a two-week vacation for employees in the private sector and deporting violators

Corona virus cases in the UAE increased to 85 cases

A mandatory commitment from the employer to renew the expatriate work permit and extend the visit visa

Gulf countries begin deporting expatriates because they violate decisions related to Corona

The emergency provides a guide to protect against Corona

Stop issuing visas and ban travel in some Gulf countries

Cancellation of exit from homes, cancellation of travel and cancellation of prayers in mosques in Gulf countries