150 thousand dirhams fine for a woman because of a picture on the beach
150 thousand dirhams fine for a woman because of a picture on the beach

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal yesterday reviewed an appeal by a foreign woman who was sentenced to a fine of 150,000 dirhams for publishing an online photo of a beach showing people who did not have permission to film. .

The details of the case are due to a woman taking a photo of a beach in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and publishing the picture on the Internet to call for volunteers to clean the beach, but one person filed a complaint against her, because his wife appeared in the picture without her consent or permission.

Defense lawyer Hassan al-Riyami explained that the defendant works in the field of volunteer work, and received certificates of thanks and appreciation from various government and private bodies, pointing out that she took a picture of a beach, and published on the site of one of the centers of autism that cooperates with her as a volunteer, in order to motivate the public to participate Center children in beach cleaning, as a kind of social responsibility.

The lawyer said: There is no knowledge of the appellant of the people who appeared in the picture, they were not in bathing suits, and they were fully dressed, and their appearance in the picture is no more than a coincidence, stressing that his client was well-intentioned when the picture was published, and has no criminal motive .

He pointed out during his argument that the Court of Cassation had already decided on the issue of privacy in public places, where through the ruling filming a person sleeping in a plane, the court decided that the plane is a public place, and not a private place, which applies to the beach, pointing out that she is a housewife And does not work, and has no material possibility to pay this fine fine, demanding the acquittal of his client from the charge attributed to them, and consider them with clemency and mercy, to reduce the fine as a precaution.