6 Conditions for obtaining a retirement visa in the UAE with renewal

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship reported that the conditions for obtaining a residence visa for foreign retirees in the country, which is for a period of 5 years, are:

Proof of a financial deposit of not less than one million dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currencies
Undertaking to transfer the financial deposit or investment for the value of the deposit within the country
Account statement for the last six months, including proof of annual income of at least 180,000 dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
Experience certificate of at least 15 years.
A color personal photo, and a passport photo.
It is also possible to apply for a residence visa for retired expatriates in the country through its smart application, which enables the foreign retiree to issue a residence visa for his family members

The authority also clarified that the request can be submitted to family members, even if their residency is effective and not expired, and in the event that the request is approved, and the residency of the family member is effective and not expired, the status of the request will be changed to “Waiting for residency cancellation – visa,” and a notification will be sent to the customer to Cancellation of the residence or visa of a family member

It is worth noting that the application will be canceled electronically after the lapse of 30 days, in case the application is returned due to deficiencies in the data or failure to complete the required documents, noting that the entire application fee that is collected may be non-refundable if the application is rejected, calling on individuals to review the receipt The application, to know the fees refunded in case the application is rejected.

It is also worth noting that the “retirement in Dubai” visa program allows obtaining a residence permit for five years, subject to renewal, and that this visa targets retirees who are at least 55 years old, who meet one of the following financial options: Having a monthly income of 20 thousand dirhams, a pension or From the previous workplace, savings of one million dirhams in a fixed deposit for a period of three years, investing in a non-mortgaged property of two million dirhams, or a fixed deposit of no less than two million dirhams for a period of three years, and a non-mortgaged real estate, according to what was published by Emirates Today newspaper.