Saudi ownership decisions to establish 10 years for some categories of expatriates

For 10-year visas, expatriates who meet certain conditions can obtain a 10-year stay and stay longer in the Kingdom, with nominal fees and concessional terms. This opportunity is also available to all expatriates who work in particularly important occupations and rare specialties.

More importantly, obtaining a 10-year visa and residency is not difficult, but the issue of expatriate residency has become a special fee that the expatriate must pay for each annual renewal.

By obtaining a residence permit for 10 years, the expatriate can benefit from many services related to recruitment, obtaining a visa for family and children, as well as education and health services that are paid to citizens. And visit in addition to go out and return freely.

Therefore, the Directorate of Passports launched many services in relation to residency, and extended the scope of granting permanent residency on easy and easy terms, as well as residence for 10 years and more with specific fees imposed upon issuance of renewal of residency.

Conditions of residence for 10 years
Ability to pay certain special fees as determined by the executive regulations.
Valid passport.
The presence of a health report that the newcomer is free from infectious diseases.
The existence of a criminal record free of precedents.
Applicants must be at least 21 years old.
If the applicant is inside the Kingdom, his residency must be regular.