A fine for a traffic violation of up to 400 dirhams and 4 traffic points.. that is repeated often

The Traffic and Patrols Department of Ras Al Khaimah Police monitored, during the past year, 1,333 violators of not wearing a seat belt while driving a vehicle, and the Acting Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department of Ras Al Khaimah Police, Lt. Col. Dr. Muhammad Al Bahar, said that the penalty for not wearing a seat belt while driving is for the driver in the presence of passengers. It is estimated at 400 dirhams and 4 traffic points, according to the text of Article 51 in the executive regulations amending the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law No. 178.

He explained that using the seat belt and tying it while driving helps avoid most serious injuries and deaths in traffic accidents, noting that despite the importance of the seat belt and everyone's awareness of its benefits and the continuous awareness disseminated by Ras Al Khaimah Police through all media or through its channels on social media platforms to urge Drivers and passengers are obligated to tie it, but many motorists do not adhere to using it despite their full awareness of the protection and safety it represents for them.

He stressed the importance of children sitting in the seats assigned to them in the back seat of the vehicle to ensure their safety from the risk of rushing out of the vehicle during a traffic accident, calling on vehicle drivers and their companions to adhere to the safety belt upon boarding the vehicle and using the safety technologies in it, before starting to drive. To maintain safety and traffic for all