A girl files a case demanding 200 thousand dirhams in compensation for the inconvenience

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims rejected the case of a girl, in which she demanded to obligate another to pay her 200,000 dirhams in compensation for her accusation of inconvenience.

In the details, a girl filed a lawsuit against another, demanding that she pay her an amount of 200 thousand dirhams in material and moral compensation, and oblige her to pay fees, expenses and attorney fees, noting that the defendant reported against her that she kept contacting her and her family, disturbing her, and she was referred to trial. The criminal court acquitted her, while the defendant submitted a reply memorandum, requesting the dismissal of the case.

The court confirmed that it is legally established that the burden of proving the alleged right falls on the one who adheres to it, noting that the right to resort to the judiciary to defend the right protected by law from the legitimate public rights that are established for all, and that it does not entail accountability for compensation, unless it is proven That whoever exercises this right deviates from what was set for him, and uses it maliciously in order to harm his opponent without the interest he seeks from him, and therefore the use of this right or the performance of this duty does not entail the least responsibility for him before the amount, unless it is proven that one of the cases stipulated in the Civil Transactions Law.

The court clarified that compensation for damage requires the availability of elements of responsibility such as error, damage and a causal relationship, noting that the case papers were devoid of what proved that the defendant had lied in her communication against the plaintiff, and her innocence was judged, so that the criminal court questioned, and not because the defendant lied in her communication, what With him, the lawsuit was filed without a document, and the court decided to reject the lawsuit as it was, and obligated the plaintiff to pay the expenses and fees.