Corona virus
Corona virus

Some Gulf countries impose a mandatory commitment on the sponsor to renew the work permit for expatriates ... and extend the visit visa.

A mandatory commitment from the employer to renew the work permit for expatriates in Kuwait and extend the visit visa in Saudi Arabia.

The General Director of the General Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Mousa issued two administrative circulars regarding renewing the residence of foreign workers residing abroad provided that the work permit is renewed online through an easier service with the signing of a pledge by the employer attached to the renewal documents as a temporary alternative to signing the work contract

A circular has been published to clarify all the countries covered by the pledge.

In a related development, after the World Health Organization announced that the Corona virus is a pandemic and is the highest degree of the epidemic, informed sources revealed in special statements to «News» that the most important legislation is to amend the law of communicable diseases to include the Corona virus within the epidemics to which Law No. 8 of the year applies. 1969 in general and in particular Article 15, which sets out exceptional powers to protect the country and stipulates the isolation of areas and the prevention of wandering and authorizing doctors to enter dwellings at any time and destroy food.

Some well-informed sources have revealed that the finalization of the academic year for kindergarten and the elementary and middle stages has become around the corner with the arrangement of the second semester for the twelfth students, while the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Saud Al-Harbi confirmed that the end of the academic year depends on health authorities.