A ministerial decision lays down the terms of termination of the employment contract.

The Emirates Digital Government reported that, according to Article (42) of Federal Decree-Law No. (33) of 2021 regarding the regulation of labor relations, the "Emirati Labor Law", the employment contract ends in any of the following situations:

the agreement of the two parties to terminate it, the expiry of the period specified in the contract , unless extended or renewed in accordance with the UAE Labor Law, at the request of one of the parties, provided that the provisions of the Labor Law regarding termination of the contract, the warning period agreed upon in the contract, the death of the employer if the subject of the contract is related to his person, the death of the worker or his complete inability to work Permanently, according to a certificate from the concerned health authority, a final judgment against the worker with a freedom-restricting penalty, for a period of no less than three months, the final closure of the facility in accordance with the legislation in force in the UAE, the bankruptcy of the employer, his insolvency, or any economic or exceptional reasons that transform Without continuing the project in accordance with the conditions, controls and procedures specified by the executive regulations and the legislation in force in the country, the employee’s failure to fulfill the conditions for renewing the work permit for any reason beyond the employer’s control.

Regarding the warning of termination of the work contract, the government stated that according to Article (43) of the Labor Law, either party to the contract may terminate the employment contract “for any legitimate reason”, provided that: The other party is warned in writing, to continue implementing the contract during the warning period, which must not be less than One month, and not exceeding three months. In addition, the two parties to the contract must abide by the following: The work contract continues for the duration of the warning period, and ends with its expiry. The employee is entitled to his full wages for that period according to the last wage he was receiving. The party who did not abide by the warning period must pay the party The other is a compensation called “warning allowance”, and this provision applies even if the failure to warn did not result in harm to the other party, the warning allowance is calculated according to the last wage received by the employee. If the contract is terminated by the employer, the employee has the right to be absent during the warning period for one day without pay per week to search for another job.

It may be agreed to be exempted from the warning condition or reduce its duration while preserving the employee’s full rights for the warning period agreed upon in the work contract, and it is stipulated that the warning period be one for both parties unless it is for the employee’s benefit.