A new decision for drivers regarding the times of ban on some important roads

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command announced that heavy vehicles (trucks) belonging to the Hudayriat Island Development Project are allowed to use the International Airport Road E20 24 hours a day, except for the morning rush hours (from 6:30 until 9:00), and urged drivers to take precautions due to the anticipation of The occurrence of heavy traffic on the road during the duration of the project.

She explained that the decision comes from the standpoint of continuous cooperation with partners and to facilitate the procedures of companies working in the Hudayriat Island development project, in a way that enhances the speed of completion and performance of the tasks required within the project within the specified time.

She stated that the Federal Traffic Law provides for the imposition of fines on trucks that do not comply with the specified times to travel on the roads, as well as the total permissible weight, and called on all companies working in the field of truck transport to apply the highest standards of road safety and to abide by the designated roads and obtain the necessary permits. Not to use unauthorized methods at all.