A new reform regarding residence and exit and return visas

A new reform from the Saudi authorities regarding everything related to residence and exit and return visas from the date of publishing this publication in the newspapers, and the details are complete through these lines.

The General Directorate of Saudi Passports has begun extending the validity of residencies for expatriates outside the Kingdom, extending the validity of visit visas, and exit and return visas from countries from which entry is suspended, automatically without fees or financial compensation until November 30.

Saudi Arabia extends the validity of residency and exit and re-entry visas automatically

And here, the Directorate made it clear - according to the Saudi Press Agency - that the extension issued by the Minister of Finance comes within the framework of the continuous efforts taken by the Kingdom’s government to deal with the effects and consequences of the Corona pandemic and within the precautionary and preventive measures that guarantee the safety of citizens and residents.

Which in turn contributes to mitigating the economic and financial impacts, and the Directorate confirmed that the extension will be done automatically in cooperation with the National Information Center without the need to review the headquarters of the Passports Departments.