residency system
residency system

A resident who violates the residence and work law pays his life a price for violating it. Violating the residence law does not yield a reassuring life for any resident.

A phone charger that replaces the life of a resident who violates the residence system in the Emirates
The residence of a resident of Asian nationality in violation contrary to the reason for ending his life unexpectedly as he was, residing in the Emirates in violation of the nationality and residence law, and his life ended while trying to charge his mobile phone, when he decided to enter a site under construction and use its electrical network, to hide there.

The phone charger shows the authorities the location of the offending resident after escaping from the sponsor
The life of an Asian resident has ended, in violation of the Nationality and Residence Law, due to an attempt to charge his mobile phone, after entering a site under construction and using its electrical network.

Arrest the site director and the authorities discover the truth
On the details of the accident, the defendant, the site safety director, said during his appearance before the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals at its session yesterday: After the official leave ended, and during the return of the work to the construction site, to start work, one of the workers found a person lying on the ground, a mobile phone next to him and an electric charger.

The man, upon seeing him, contacted the relevant authorities who came to the site, it became clear that this person died, as a result of an electric shock separately, when trying to charge the mobile phone through electrical connections

The authorities discovered that, before his death, this worker violated the residence law because he escaped from his sponsor and the reason for his presence on the construction site, because he escaped from the creditors who demand their financial dues, according to what was published in the Emirates newspaper.