A plane crashed a while ago due to a sudden technical glitch immediately after takeoff

The pilot of an Algerian military plane faced a difficult situation due to a technical glitch that eventually caused its crash.

The Algerian Ministry of National Defense announced that a MiG-29 fighter plane crashed yesterday evening, Monday, due to a technical glitch, after taking off directly from the Bousfer air base in the second military region in the west of the country.

The ministry explained that although the pilots managed to eject from the plane, which was on a programmed training mission, the accident resulted in the "martyrdom" of the pilot, Taher Ben Mabkhout, from his injuries at the Military University Regional Hospital in the wilaya of Oran.

The ministry indicated that Lieutenant-General Said Shangriha, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army, ordered the opening of an immediate investigation to find out the causes and circumstances of the accident, extending at the same time sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the martyr and his relatives.