nursing against Corona
nursing against Corona

Princess Sofia's joining of the nursing staff against the Corona virus provokes a reaction ... Kuwaitis: We came before you, and others ask: Married?

The wife of Swedish King's son, Princess Sofia, has joined the nursing staff of a hospital in the country, amid extensive interaction with the news on Twitter.

The beginning was with the announcement by the Arabic-speaking portal of Sweden that Princess Sofia, the Duchess of Värmland, had joined the nursing team at the Sofia Hemet Hospital in Stockholm.

Princess Sofia (35 years old) is the honorary president of the hospital.
The Duchess of Värmland joining the nursing staff comes after she took an intensive course in Health and Patient Care from Stockholm University, to help medical staff cope with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The news got a wide response from Arab singers, amid admiration for the princess' initiative, while others asked whether she was "married" or married.

Then, the Swedish account manager in Arabic said to those who ask, "She is married to the son of the King of Sweden and they have two children."