A special urgent official decision regarding the change of passport fees and the number of years of validity

She cautioned that “passports of the previous generation are considered valid, and their holders can use them for travel,” explaining that “the citizen is not required to reissue his passport in the new form as long as it is valid. He can apply for the new generation upon entering the renewal eligibility period, which is six months before the expiry date recorded in the document.

The authority stated that there is no change in the requirements for obtaining the service or the fees, as the issuance or renewal application is submitted through electronic and smart channels, with the same prescribed fees.

She stressed that "the transactions will not be affected in the event that the passport is not issued in the new form if the current passport is valid for a period of more than six months," explaining that "the transactions in the country are subject to the recognition of the identity card as a means of proving personal identity with the official authorities."

Regarding the criteria for including the photo when issuing or renewing the new passport, it indicated that the required photo is subject to the previously approved criteria, which are related to the specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

She pointed out that the passport will be issued and renewed in the new form, if the application is submitted next September, coinciding with the authority's announcement of the launch of the UAE passport in its new form, noting that it is possible to travel with the current passport, as there is no change in the procedures for movement through the passport, Where the holder must verify the validity period of the document for a sufficient period of not less than six months, according to the requirements of international travel, bearing in mind that it is possible to apply for the new copy upon entering the renewal entitlement period, which is six months before the expiry date recorded in the document.

She pointed out that changing the current passport is part of the UAE government's endeavor to continuously develop and improve all its services and operations related to managing its official documents. In order to enhance the reliability of the passport, the country launched its new passport with international specifications that keep pace with the requirements of the next stage.

She added that the new Emirati passport is characterized by the presence of some advanced technical and security specifications, which are a holographic logo integrated with advanced features, a high-precision security thread for enhanced protection, a sophisticated 3D inkjet printing documented with the date of birth, and a transparent window bearing the state emblem with distinctive artistic elements, and decorative inscriptions. Highly complex multispectral, laser-printed personal photo with high security features.

The authority had recently announced the issuance of the new generation of the Emirati passport, as part of the final phase of the project to develop the new generation of passports and identity cards, which was launched in June 2021 in the framework of achieving the authority's strategic objectives, and within the path of enhancing national goals and providing them with international competitiveness.

The new version of the UAE passport has unprecedented technical characteristics and highly complex security specifications to reduce counterfeiting or counterfeiting attempts.

It is also distinguished by printing the identification page for its holder using polycarbonate instead of paper, which increases the efficiency of specialized printing supported by images and security signs that are not visible to the naked eye, especially as they are thick, which prevents the possibility of damaging them, in addition to being easily processed using readers at the ports. In addition, the new generation of the UAE passport is unique in high quality and speed when printing using laser technology and 3D physical elements.

Raising the security standards of the UAE passport and supporting it with the leading technical specifications in the field of travel is an essential step that enhances the efforts made by the authority to achieve various security and security requirements when moving or transiting through international travel points, and supporting the diplomatic efforts of the UAE, which succeeded in highlighting the strength of the passport The UAE passport over the past years has become the most powerful passport in the world.