traffic violations

How to get a 35% discount for traffic fines? 35% discount for two months, and Abu Dhabi Police invites to take advantage of early payment of traffic violations.

Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to take advantage of the benefits of early payment of traffic violations, which include a 35% reduction within 60 days of committing the violation, and a 25% reduction in violations after the lapse of sixty days, excluding serious violations.

She emphasized her interest in facilitating payment methods for customers through digital channels such as the website and smart phone application, stressing her keenness to motivate community members to abide by regulations and laws, reduce traffic violations, reduce their burdens, and enable them to settle their legal status.

Abu Dhabi Police had provided the feature of installments for traffic violations incurred by vehicles and drivers without interest or profits, in order to enhance the values ​​of happiness and positivity. Mashreq Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, and directly contact one of the banks that provide the service within a period not exceeding two weeks from the date of payment of the amount to request the installment of violations.

The service allows the payment of fines, whether through Abu Dhabi Police service centers or digital channels such as the website and smart phone application, in installments for a period of one year, without calculating any interests on the beneficiaries.