Abu Dhabi Police and Civil Defense warn citizens and residents of 5 things

Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense have warned of five reasons that lead to vehicle fires, which are mostly caused by drivers' neglect of safety and prevention measures, explaining that cars contain flammable elements such as liquid fuels and oils, and internal components such as plastics, rubber and others.

The Director of the Public Safety Department of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, Lt. Col. Engineer Salem Hashem Al-Habashi, stressed the need to prevent car fire accidents by carrying out maintenance by a specialized technician, in order to protect the vehicle and protect its users, conduct periodic maintenance of the vehicle and deal with specialized repair shops, because non-specialized workshops may Its workers repair a malfunction, but they may cause other malfunctions, and keep a fire extinguisher and a first aid bag for necessity.

The Head of the Fire Department at the Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department, Major Dr. Eng. Adel Nassib Al-Saqri, explained that there are five causes of vehicle fires, including the essential additions that do not conform to the approved measurements and specifications, as well as leaving liquid materials that may contain flammable materials in the vehicle and the drivers’ use of non-original products that are not compatible with the electrical system. The vehicle, which leads to a seam and a fire, and the fourth reason is the failure to disconnect the electrical devices inside the vehicle, especially in the summer, and also one of the reasons is the installation of additional parts in the vehicle by a non-specialist technician.