Abu Dhabi Police warns of committing a violation of 1,000 dirhams next Monday

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers, as students return to school, next Monday, against committing traffic violations that pose a threat to the safety of students, whether during the school trip on buses, in the vicinity of schools or during students crossing pedestrian lines.

She pointed out that one of the most important instructions for drivers is the necessity of committing to a full stop of vehicles when opening the "stop" arm for buses, with a distance of no less than five meters, to ensure that students cross safely.
She stressed that a fine of 500 dirhams and 6 traffic points will be applied when the bus driver does not commit to opening the "stop" sign, or does not comply with traffic instructions and instructions, and a fine of 1000 dirhams, and 10 traffic points, will be applied, for drivers not stopping, when watching "Stop" sign for school buses.
It cautioned that this violation will be controlled automatically through the cameras installed in the buses, which operate after opening the "stop" lever on the school bus.