Adopting and imposing new types of examinations on incoming travelers

All the details related to the "EDE" examination, which was approved by the "Abu Dhabi Emergency and Crisis", and in this context, Abu Dhabi has activated an immediate survey procedure for arriving travelers without photographing or registering.

In this context, the Special Committee for the Management of Emergencies, Crises and Disasters that resulted from the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Covid 19, and its variants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has approved the activation of a number of new procedures for incoming travelers who want to enter the emirate from within the country.

On a related level, the authorities in the United Arab Emirates revealed that they have approved the use of the EDE system for rapid detection at entry points to the emirate.

The “EDE” examination relies on advanced technology to monitor possible cases of infection with the “Covid-19” virus.

The technology is based on measuring magnetic waves emitted by the spectrum of the virus itself, "RNA".

Detection of HIV infection is done through an electronic application using a mobile phone within 3 seconds.

Personal data is not stored, images are stored, or privacy is violated.