Airlines: Adjustments in airline ticket prices after increasing them

In light of the escalating geopolitical conditions that the world has witnessed for more than two weeks, and the impact of oil prices on them and their rise to their highest levels in more than a decade, “Jazeera Airways” announced that the aviation sector was affected by the rise in oil prices, which began to put pressure on operational costs, which imposed a slight increase. In the prices of flights to all destinations served by the company.

A spokesman for the company said: “We apologize to all our customers for this change caused by the unprecedented rise in oil prices, which rose from $70 per barrel at the beginning of December last year to more than $130 per barrel. Since fuel is the largest percentage of the operating costs incurred by airlines, the impact was direct on flight prices.

Ticket prices

The prices of travel tickets to regional destinations in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries increased by 5 dinars one way, while they increased by 10 dinars for trips that exceed three hours in one direction.

Many airlines have started increasing their flight prices, and more companies are expected to follow in the coming days and weeks. In Europe, ticket prices for the summer season are expected to increase by at least 15%.

In comparison, the Covid-19 pandemic period witnessed a decrease in the demand for oil, and thus oil prices fell. With the economic recovery that the world witnessed, oil prices rose during the past weeks, and these prices worsened with the recent geopolitical crisis.

The spokesman concluded: "We hope that oil prices will stabilize and fall again with the increase in supply in the market, and then we will immediately return to the prices of flights to what they were."