IATA passport
IATA passport

The airline, "Emirates Airlines", announced hours ago that the digital passport, which is the IATA or International Air Transport Association, has entered the testing phase, as it is an electronic application that is downloaded to the phone and this application aims to help travelers manage their travel procedures smoothly It is easy and safe to keep pace with any developments or changes that may occur regarding Corona and any new government decisions related to travel and Corona virus tests and vaccines.

In a related development, all passengers on board the Emirates flight number EK183 that departed from Dubai towards Barcelona Airport are the first travelers to benefit from the services of a "digital passport", as they shared the results of their tests related to Corona with an airline. Emirates in order to verify it before completing the travel process.

In this context, the initial experience of applying the IATA passport, which was applied hours ago, is a real step towards facilitating travel procedures. Certificates of receiving approved Corona vaccines with the authorities and airlines.

Emirates Airlines has expressed its happiness at the ease of completing the digital processing of passenger data on the Coronavirus, and that the airline Emirates Airlines is one of the first airlines in the world to try this new type of passport, "digital passport."

It is worth noting that Emirates Airlines relies on implementing the digital passport experience on some selected flights for several directions, and the experience will be expanded soon.