Allow travel to 160 countries without a visa..Details

The UAE passport has once again strengthened its position in the first place as the most powerful passport in the world, and added a new exemption point, bringing its balance to 160 countries without a prior visa (104 countries without a visa and 56 countries with an electronic visa or on arrival), leaving 38 countries that need a visa. In conjunction with the country's celebrations of the 50th National Day.

According to the "Passport Index" index of Arton Capital, a global financial consultancy, the UAE passport regained the first place in terms of strength in the global rankings in early October with a score of 152 points, after the partial return of movement around the world and two years after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in November. 2019 where the UAE passport added 8 new points in less than two months.

Before the spread of the Covid pandemic and until the beginning of the year 2020, the UAE passport held the first place in the world in terms of strength according to the international classification on the “Passport Index” website, since it rose to first place in December 2018, and it allowed its holder at that time to enter 178 countries, including 118 countries without a prior visa. , and 60 countries with an electronic visa or upon arrival at the airport.

According to the new update of the global index, the New Zealand passport ranked second with 153 visa exemption points, and the passports of Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia came in third place with 152 points, and the passports of the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland came in fourth place Austria and Luxembourg with 151 points, while the passports of France, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland and the United States of America ranked fifth in the world rankings with 150 points.