An exceptional event that the country will witness in the coming days

In the blessed month of Ramadan, hearts and hearts rush towards broad and renewed horizons in obedience to the Lord Almighty.

Muslims in the east and west of the earth celebrate the holy month, and each country and people has its own rituals, customs and traditions that welcome the blessed month of Ramadan.

But in the United Arab Emirates, this country that has made goodness a bridge for civilized communication with the world, the blessed month of Ramadan has a special taste, and an irresistible flavor of faith, here in Zayed House, that house whose foundations laid the foundations of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, May God bless his soul, for faith, love, equality, spreading goodness and achieving stability, here in this house full of rational leadership that believed that the good that the UAE enjoys grows and grows when it extends its white hands to the needy and fills their souls, and to the needy and meets their needs, and to the bruised and wounded, so it heals their wounds and relieves their pain.

A rational leadership made the whole year the blessed month of Ramadan, with its peculiarity and spirituality, full of solidarity and cooperation among human beings without regard to gender, religion, identity or color. The wise leadership laid the foundations of these values ​​on bases that have long roots and are rooted in the people of the Emirates since ancient times.

The best of the Emirates is an umbrella that extends its pillars over the globe, supporting, supporting and assisting everyone in need, raising his hands to the sky, asking for relief, extension and assistance.

The UAE, which topped the indicators of international competitiveness in the world in providing foreign aid and spreading development through development initiatives and projects that combat poverty, ignorance and disease.

In the blessed month of Ramadan, mercies shine brightly, and blessings pervade homes, roads, and families that embody the spirituality of the true Islamic religion, and revolve around the remembrance of God, compassion and mutual affection. Al-Watan, in the blessed Ramadan, these young forearms of the sons and daughters of the homeland are volunteers who serve breakfast meals to those fasting on the roads.

In the blessed month of Ramadan, kinship ties top the agenda of social relations, as members of the same family gather around senior citizens who have offered throughout their lives the highest signs of dedication, sacrifice and giving in advancing the national development process, and today children and grandchildren communicate with them, drawing on their experiences, learning from their wisdom, and drawing a map for tomorrow Bright in a homeland that made fulfillment of his religion.

In the blessed Ramadan, we do not forget how to reflect on the meanings of the Noble Qur’an and the purified Sunnah of the Prophet and take from the glorious Sharia what enhances the quality of life, and establishes human brotherhood and tolerance.

Oh God, we have reached Ramadan, help us in your obedience, and protect our dear country under the auspices of our wise leadership.

Blessed is the blessed month.