An important circular from the Central Bank for citizens and residents when using ATM

The Central Bank of the Emirates announced that banknotes in the denomination of five and ten dirhams began to be circulated in the UAE markets after distributing them to banks operating in the country.

In a step to educate the public about the new banknotes and increase their circulation, the Central Bank, in cooperation with the Emirates Banks Association, provided the new banknotes of the denominations of the five and fifty-five dirhams through ATMs at banks spread across the country.

Several national banks participated in this initiative, such as Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Bank of Sharjah and many others, which made efforts within a short period of time to program ATMs in terms of their acceptance of new categories, and to update the technical settings in them to suit the content of the initiative. And lead to the achievement of its objectives to meet the requirements of individual customers for new banknotes and the happiness of dealers.

The new cash denominations were made available at dozens of ATMs of the participating banks, which are located in the main centers in all the emirates of the country. Participating banks will continue through their usual communication channels to guide their customers about the locations of these devices that provide the new banknotes in denominations of five, ten and fifty dirhams, in addition to other denominations.