An Indian expat reveals the details of winning a million dollars in Dubai

The four winners of the Millennium Millionaire clouds and the finest surprises were announced today at Concourse A at Dubai International Airport. The four lucky ones bought their tickets online.
Jagdish Ramani, a 42-year-old Indian citizen residing in Dubai, joined the list of the wealthy when his ticket number 1778 and series number 324 were withdrawn.
Ramani, who hails from Bhopal, India, said that he participated in the Dubai Duty Free withdrawals 20 years ago, and fortunately for him, he received a million dollar today.

"I heard many stories of winners in the Dubai Duty Free withdrawals, and I didn't believe it, but now I am 100% sure it is real!" .

Ramani, the owner of a textile company in Dubai, is the 158th Indian national to win a US $ 1 million withdrawal since its establishment in 1999.

After the Millennium Millionaire was withdrawn, three other winners were also announced as the finest surprises on two luxury cars and motorcycles.
Sri Lankan Sridharn, ticket holder No. 1293 and series number 1746, who is also of Indian nationality, who is 53 years old, and who lives in Abu Dhabi, won the Range Rover HSE 360PS.

Luck was an ally of Mr. Sridharn, who previously won $ 1 million from the Dubai Duty Free in Series 310 with ticket number 4638 in September 2019. And Sridharn has been a regular participant of the Dubai Duty Free withdrawals 15 years ago.

Mr. Sridharn expressed his joy, saying: “Thank you very much for the Dubai Duty Free for giving me the chance to win again! I will continue to buy raffle tickets in the hope that I will be lucky for the third time!”

Meanwhile, Anjam Ashraf, a 46-year-old Pakistani national residing in Sharjah, won the Bentley Bentayga V8 (white) award in Series No. 1747, Ticket No. 1676.

Ashraf works as a sales executive for a plastic company in Sharjah, and he was very excited about winning a car, as he had been participating in the Dubai Duty Free for a year and a half.

Naziranisa Fazal Mohammed, a 37-year-old Indian residing in Dubai, won a motorcycle in Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 in Series 399 and Ticket Number 0287

Mrs. Nazeranisa, a Software Engineer at Transguard, has been involved in the Dubai Duty Free 4 years ago.

The Millennium Millionaire’s finest pullout surprises Dubai Duty Free, Executive Vice President of the Board, Dubai Duty Free CEO Colm McLaughlin, Chief Operating Officer Rumish Syed Ambi, Senior Vice President of Marketing Shined Sibai, Senior Vice President, Retail Sales Support Michael Schmidt, and Deputy President, Procurement Sharon Betsham.