An urgent decision by the traffic department regarding the penalty for violating the red light in the Emirates

In this context, the UAE Ministry of Interior has clarified that violating the red light for light vehicles is a fine of 1,000 dirhams, 12 traffic points, and impounding the vehicle for 30 days.

With regard to trucks, the violation will be a fine of 3000 dirhams and suspension of the license for a period of one year starting from the date of withdrawing the license for heavy vehicles that cross the red signal.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police reported that the application of Law No. (5) of 2020 contributed to reducing the rate of traffic violations and dangerous accidents, including bypassing the red light, as traffic violations decreased by 68%, serious accidents 10%, and minor accidents 27% within six months, after Implementation of the vehicle reservation law in the emirate last year.

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the extreme danger and dire consequences of crossing the red light due to lack of attention and distraction from the road, explaining that cutting the red light means a disaster for road users or the occurrence of a serious accident at least. Emirates today.