Hours ago, the Egyptian authorities issued a new urgent statement revealing the truth about those who had spread in the last hours on social media to a large extent about the outbreak of a major fire at Cairo Airport, as the Ministry of Civil Aviation denied the matter altogether.

On the other hand, Bassem Abdel Karim, who holds the position of assistant to the Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation for International Relations and Media, issued a new important statement announcing the truth about what is being circulated about the Cairo airport fire, completely denying the validity of the news circulating in this regard through social media, explaining That the outbreak of a fire inside Cairo International Airport is completely untrue.

In this context, Basem Abdul Karim declared that the Ministry of Civil Aviation considered these reports to be completely untrue news and news that do not exist altogether and in detail.

On the other hand, Basem Al-Karim, assistant to Weiser Aviation, said that the Ministry issued a new statement calling on all media outlets and all users of social media sites to be accurate in everything that is published.

It is worth noting that Bassem Abdel Karim, who holds the position of Assistant Minister of Civil Aviation, called on all members of society to pay attention to returning to official Egyptian sources when they want information, so that they can find the correct news.