And the UAE has an urgent decision to impose additional fees on these products.  
And the UAE has an urgent decision to impose additional fees on these products.  

Certainly I went out this morning the Federal Authority for taxes in the UAE on new tax measures ordered in an official government statement Alamaratnehaleom Crown Prince Emirates will adjust the scope of the tax according to international standards and aims to take some of the facilities to citizens, tourists, and is already applicable to each of the gap in the land UAE .

As it scheduled in this statement before today to prevent the import of all types of tobacco waterpipe Molasses rolls of cigarettes electrically heated non-knowledge of digital tax stamps "to the UAE within a selective tax effect from the beginning of this month also identified the body concerned for taxes
The authority indicated in a recent press release, that this decision comes within the framework of the application of the second stage of the system of “distinguishing signs that are distinguished from it”.
The aim of the UAE Minister decided to keep track of packages of tobacco and its products electronically since its production until it reaches the final consumer to ensure compliance with the approved standards, the full obligation to pay the tax owed by selective.
The first stage of the system
The first phase of the system of special marks or the so-called digital stamps in May / May 2019, when it expanded Emirates in applied locally, preventing a import all kinds of cigarettes to the state without the presence of the hallmarks.
This comes after the decision last year, the Commission confirmed that, as of Aug. 1 / August 2019 will ban the sale of (trading) and the acquisition of all types of cigarettes that do not bear the "tax stamps digital red" in local markets.
Body types and adopted "stamp tax digital" The first is the red stamps that are installed on tobacco and tobacco products, including cigarette packets, while the second type is represented in green stamps that are installed on tobacco packages and products that are allowed to sell in the free market for departing out of the state.
It is noteworthy that those decisions come within the framework of the timetable, which came into effect from the first of January before last under Commission Decision No. (3) for the year 2018 regarding the application of the system put distinctive marks on tobacco and tobacco products.
The selective tax is imposed by the UAE at the rate of 100 percent on tobacco, 100 percent on energy drinks, and 50 percent on soft drinks.
Selective tax is an indirect tax borne by the final consumer, and impose on goods damage to public health or the environment, luxury goods in varying proportions or, as determined and in accordance with the Regulations.
And the selective goods tax comes in the Emirates and other Gulf countries, to boost the revenues that have been reduced due to the fall in the prices of oil, the price of oil.
With the expansion of these actions represented the Emirates State expects the Ministry of Finance, according to a statement to generate revenues of up to two billion dirhams (544.5 million dollars) annually from the imposition of selective taxes on tobacco and its derivatives, after the completion of the application