Announcing a 30-day deadline for drivers to renew their driving licence

Two officials in the insurance sector stated that the Central Bank made an important amendment to the unified document, finally, in which it allowed the driver who caused an accident, and who has an expired driving license, to initiate its renewal within a period of 30 days from the date of the accident, so that if the renewal is done, insurance coverage is available, Otherwise, the offender shall bear the full cost of the accident, according to the law.

In addition, a traffic expert confirmed that in traffic accidents caused by a driver whose license has expired, they are dealt with according to the level of repercussions of the accident, the level of injuries resulting from it, and the competencies of the Traffic Prosecution and Court, to decide the penalty he deserves.

In detail, the drivers, Ahmed Saeed, Maher Sarhan, and Muhammad Ayoub, stated that some may delay renewing their expired driver’s license, due to the accumulation of traffic violations and the financial fines resulting from them, or because of forgetfulness, noting the importance of tightening traffic control on this category, especially as it may She evaded the scene of the accident, after causing accidents with other vehicles, for fear of violating her driving a vehicle with an expired driver's license.
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The CEO of an insurance company operating in the state, who preferred not to be named, said that “the Central Bank has recently made one of the most important amendments to the unified document, according to which the expired driver of his driving license was granted a period of 30 days from the date of the accident to renew the license, in order to benefit from the insurance coverage.” , if he caused the accident, so that if he renewed the license, the insurance coverage would be covered, and if he did not renew the license, the full amounts resulting from the accident, according to the law, shall be referred to him.

He added that "there is sometimes what prevents the ability to renew, and here the driver causing the accident cannot benefit from insurance coverage, of any kind, whether it is comprehensive insurance or against third parties."
He continued: "In the case of the driver who was damaged in the accident, and who does not have a valid license, there is more than one legal opinion, but it is more likely that coverage will take place."

And he indicated that the fifth chapter of the unified document states that “if the vehicle was driven without obtaining a driver’s license for the type of vehicle, in accordance with the Traffic and Traffic Law and the regulations and provisions of this document, or if the license granted to the insured and the driver of the vehicle, as the case may be, an order was issued to stop him from The court or the competent authorities, or under traffic regulations, or that the vehicle’s driving license was expired at the time of the accident, unless he could renew the expired license within 30 days from the date of the accident, then the insured shall be referred to.”

30 days

In turn, the head of the accidents department at Al Buhaira Insurance Company, Suleiman Daher, agreed with the previous opinion, stressing that “the driver has a 30-day deadline from the date of the accident, to renew the license, if he causes the accident, in order to benefit from the insurance coverage. There are other obstacles, he benefits from the coverage,” noting that “if the license is expired, and has not been renewed within a period of 30 days, the accident is not covered, and all costs of the accident are referred to the insured.”