Applications open for students 19 days for citizens and 13 days for residents

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has set the admission age for students in all grades from kindergarten to twelfth for the next academic year 2022-2023.

At the time, the Foundation announced the opening of registration and transfer in government schools for the new academic year 2022-2023 for a period of 19 days during the period from March 14 until next April 1 for Emirati students and the like children of female citizens, students holding valid UAE passports, and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council. While the registration of resident students in government schools begins on April 17 and continues until April 29, for a period of 13 days.

According to the list of determining the age of acceptance, the details of which were reviewed by the "Gulf"; It was decided that the age of admission for the first kindergarten is 4 years and the second is 5 years, compared to 6-8 years for the first grade, 7-9 for the second, 8-10 for the third, 9-11 for the fourth, 10-12 for the fifth, 11-13 for the sixth, 12-14 for the seventh, and 13-15 VIII, 14-16 IX, 15-17 X, 16-18 xii 19-17 xii.

The institution provided multiple channels for registration through the student portal on the Al Manhal system, as well as an explanatory video of the steps of the registration process, as it included all the required data and documents and how to enter them into the system.