Banning entry to travelers
Banning entry to travelers

The government of the United Kingdom, "Britain", has set hours short of its intention to issue a serious decision that prohibits and bans entry to travelers from some countries of the world due to the heightened fears of the spread of mutated strains, which would pose an additional danger to the population.

The British authorities made it clear that a government decision was expected because the government intends to prevent entry to travelers who come to the United Kingdom from several countries, including "the Philippines - Pakistan - Kenya - Bangladesh."

It is worth noting that the recent strict decisions announced by the government aim to protect the Kingdom and its population from the danger of mutated strains of the Coronavirus, which are considered highly contagious strains.

According to Bloomberg News, quoting the British government on Friday, April 2, 2021, the decision to ban entry to travelers from the specified countries will take effect from Friday, April 9, 2021.

The British authorities have obligated all Britons or Irish, in addition to citizens of other countries who have the right to reside in Britain, as well as those who hold a long-term British visa, who are trying to enter the country, to undertake the obligation to apply self-isolation in one of the hotels designated by the government to quarantine health arrivals for a period of 10 days. .