Corona virus
Corona virus

Some Gulf countries decide to cancel out of homes, cancel travel, cancel prayer in mosques, impose travel restrictions in many areas, and prevent gatherings.

The Issuing Authority in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait decided to stop the Friday sermon and prayers from today until another notice, based on the directives of the health authorities in the country and on the fatwa of the Ministry’s Issuing Authority.
Kuwait prevented leaving the houses until further notice.

The UAE Ministry of Health called on the elderly citizens and residents to adhere to their homes and avoid crowds and crowded places in order to ensure their safety, as part of precautionary measures and preventive and advice to confront the new corona virus "Covid-19" for all segments of society.
Saudi Arabia completely suspended travel for two weeks and banned Umrah.

Bahrain, Oman and Qatar have imposed travel restrictions to limit the spread of Corona.