Conditions for obtaining a scholarship in the UAE from IMT Dubai

Mona Mohammed Al Ameri, Director General of the Happiness Card Center in Dubai Police, announced the allocation of 20 scholarships for high school students of high school students of happiness card holders, at a total cost of AED 2,500,000, in addition to offering a 30% discount to holders of the happiness card and their first-degree relatives. The first is on the Bachelor of Business Administration program offered by IMT Dubai College, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education in the country.

This came during the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the two parties at the Dubai Police Officers Club, where it was signed by the Esaad Card Center, Mona Al Ameri, Director General of the Center, and Dr. Tarabda Ghosh, Director of the Institute of Business Administration Technology in Dubai, in the presence of Colonel Masoud Al Hammad, Deputy Director of the Esaad Card Center , Zakaria Seif, Head of Education Sector at the Center, and Khaled Al-Radwan, Head of Marketing and Registration Department at IMT Dubai College.

Al Ameri said: The signing of this memorandum comes within the framework of the efforts made by the Happiness Card Center to enable students to continue their university studies in various colleges and educational institutes inside and outside the country, noting that outstanding students who hold a happiness card can apply for scholarships by sending certificates. High School Certificate, English language requirement (IELTS 5, TOEFL 500, EmSAT 1100) in addition to copies of their personal documents to the e-mail of the Happiness Card Center [email protected], no later than 9/15/2022 AD, where there will be a committee to select the successful students The highest pass rate in high school this year.

For his part, Zakaria Seif confirmed that the scholarships offered by IMT Dubai College include several conditions, including that the student must have obtained a grade of at least 90% in high school, and that he maintain a cumulative average of 3.25 throughout the years of study, He called to take advantage of the offers and discounts offered by the Esaad card at educational institutions, which number up to 258 institutions in the various emirates of the country.

The memorandum stipulates that IMT Dubai College pledges to provide scholarships and the agreed discount to Esaad card holders, while the Esaad Card Center will advertise and promote the offer through its website and smart application, and through the Esaad advertising platforms, news sites and social networks, in addition to To send the college offer via e-mail to all Esaad card holders.

Students need to present their Esaad card to take advantage of these offers. This discount cannot be combined with any ongoing college offers and scholarship programs, as all discounts will be applied to the student's total net tuition fee.