The UAE Ministry of Health has asked citizens coming from countries where the Corona virus is spread, to call the numbers of the Ministry of Health

The UAE Service of Wellbeing and Network Assurance reported the enrollment of 11 new instances of the rising coronavirus, which were uncovered through preparatory and preventive measures, and all cases were under isolate, connected to travel abroad, bringing the complete number of cases tainted with the infection to 85 cases. 

The service - in an announcement revealed by the Emirates News Organization (WAM) today - that the wounds are because of various nationalities, including two people from both the Italian nationality and the Filipino nationality, and one from every one of Montenegro, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, the Emirates, Russia and England, clarifying All cases are steady, and are dependent upon the important human services. 

The Executive General of the World Wellbeing Association, Tedros Adhanom Gebrysos, reported the previous night Wednesday, that the association thinks about that the flare-up of the Crown infection is a pandemic. Such that Covid-19 (Crown infection) can be named a plague. " 

The Executive of the World Wellbeing Association focused on that the quantity of cases outside China has expanded by multiple times in the previous two weeks. 

The Executive of the Association, during a public interview of the World Wellbeing Association on the Crown infection, included that the coming weeks are seeing an expansion in the quantity of cases and passings and nations that are influenced by the Crown infection, including that we are very worried about the recurrence of the spread of the infection to the nations of the world. 

He included that all areas and people must go up against the Crown infection, and all nations ought to take an interest completely in the state organizations to confine the spread of the infection.