Corona virus
Corona virus

Corona virus develops and causes a greater crisis in the world after it was discovered that it is widespread in pets.

Hong Kong authorities have decided to isolate all pets whose owners were infected with the emerging virus Corona in Hong Kong after putting one dog in the stone.

The move to quarantine pets is the first of its kind to be reported in the world in the face of curbing an outbreak of the virus, and the drive was caused by a dog being infected.

And the Hong Kong authorities made it clear on Friday that the dog would be quarantined for 14 days as a precaution.

A government spokesman said, without mentioning the reason for the animal being tested, that "a test of nose and mouth samples has been shown to contain traces of the Covid-19 epidemic," which is the scientific name for the Corona virus.

He added that it is not clear whether the dog was infected with the virus or whether the positive results were recorded at low levels due to pollution in the dog's buccal and muzzle.

The dog was taken from the home of his 60-year-old nanny on Wednesday, after being diagnosed with infection and quarantined in a hospital.

The authorities indicated that the animal would be closely monitored, subjected to additional checks and would remain in stone until it recovered.