Court ruling: Husband pays 70,000 dirhams in compensation to the wife

Al Ain Court of First Instance ordered a man to pay his wife 70,000 dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages she sustained as a result of assaulting her and causing injuries to her that made her unable to perform her personal work for a period of no more than 20 days, resulting in her disability in the left shoulder, amounting to It is 30%.

In the details, an (Arab) woman filed a lawsuit against her husband, asking him to oblige him to pay her 100,000 dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages she sustained as a result of the assault, noting that he beat her, inflicted several injuries on her shoulder bone, and sprained a ligament. The humeral joint, and pain in the neck and feet, and he was convicted of that act by virtue of a criminal judgment, and she submitted a number of medical reports in support of her claim, while the present presented a memorandum on behalf of the husband answering the case, requesting the rejection of the case.

While the report of the forensic doctor delegated by the court showed that the injuries sustained by the wife consisted of a fracture in the head of the left humerus, and an injury to the shoulder joint, and an intervention was made to partially remove the joint and the tip of the humerus, and her health condition stabilized, leaving her with limited movement in the shoulder joint. The left upper extremity is limited in the movement of rotation and return of the arm to the back, with slight atrophy in the muscles of the left upper extremity, inability to carry weights with the left hand, and persistent pain, which constitutes a permanent disability, estimated at 30% of the benefit of the upper left upper limb. .

In the ruling, the court stated that the evidence from the case papers was the conviction of the defendant under a penal ruling for the charge of assaulting the integrity of the plaintiff’s body, noting that the forensic doctor’s report, which the court reassured, concluded that the plaintiff’s health condition had stabilized, leaving her with a permanent disability. It is estimated at 30%, and a government is entitled to justice for the material damage that has befallen it, represented in the injuries she sustained as a result of the aforementioned accident, and she is also entitled to compensation for the moral damages she suffered from grief, sorrow and heartbreak in her feelings and emotions, as a result of the aforementioned injuries, and the court ruled By obligating the defendant to pay the plaintiff a compensation in the amount of 70,000 dirhams, according to the reasons, and obligating him to pay expenses and attorney fees.