Details of the incident of a foreign resident assaulting a police officer

Ajman Criminal Court sentenced the accused (C, M, S), a 35-year-old Arab national, to 3 years in prison and deportation from the state after the end of the sentence, for assaulting a policeman while performing his duty, and insulting him with obscene words in front of a group of People, as the accused was found in a café in a very drunk state, and caused inconvenience to others.

The facts of the case in the evidence report and in the investigations of the Public Prosecution indicate that the accused, during his arrest, assaulted the policeman, because he grabbed him by his clothes and pulled him towards him several times, and grabbed him by his hands forcefully, which led to his injury in the hand.

The accused insulted him with indecent words, and the accused was drunk at the time, and it was proven in the seizure report that the accused assaulted the victim by beating the policeman.

In the medical examination form signed by the victim, it was also proven that he had scratches on the left hand as a result of the accused's assault.

The facts of the case indicate that the accused caused a disturbance in a café, which necessitated the intervention of the police to arrest him, but he resisted and abused the policeman while performing his duties.