Dubai .. Conditions for obtaining a driving license for foreign residents

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has identified 3 conditions that golden residency holders must meet to obtain a new driving license in the Emirate of Dubai, including submitting an application attached to a copy of a previous valid driving license from their country, passing the knowledge test and passing the road test, i.e. the external practical examination that The driver is subject to it outside the premises of the driving training schools.

In its response to a question about whether holders of a golden residency issued by another emirate can issue a driving license from Dubai, the authority confirmed that residents who hold residencies issued by other emirates must submit some documents to be able to request the issuance of a license in Dubai, including a copy of a rental contract approved by Ejari proving the residence in Dubai, or a copy of the company’s trade license showing the presence of a branch in the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to the license of the branch issuing residency, adding that submitting a letter from the company proving that the customer’s workplace is in the Emirate of Dubai, is among the documents that support Application for obtaining a driving license from the Emirate of Dubai.

Statistical reports published by "Emirates Today" in recent years, based on information from the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, showed that the category of administrative employees represents the highest percentage of those who obtain driving licenses annually. These data showed that there are four categories that reap the largest number of vehicle driving licenses issued annually, including the category of administrative employees, the category of workers, the category of higher professions, in addition to the category of "not working".

The conditions regulating the issuance of driving licenses stipulate that the license can be issued from the Emirate of Dubai, if the customer’s file is in the Emirate of Dubai, even if there is a change in the place of residence after passing the road test. However, the license cannot be issued after passing the road examination in If a year or more has passed since passing the examination.

The fee for issuing a driver’s license in Dubai is 100 dirhams, the fee for issuing a driver’s license for those under 21 years old, while it is 300 dirhams for a customer aged 21 years and over, in addition to 20 dirhams as a fee for innovation and knowledge.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai imposes a fine of 10 dirhams for each month of delay in renewing driving licenses of vehicles of all categories, after 30 days have passed from the expiry of the license. Driving and ownership licenses can be renewed through the website of the Roads and Transport Authority.

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has implemented the smart yard system that is required to be passed before allowing trainees to conduct an external road examination. The systems measure the trainees' abilities to drive vehicles in 90% of the test requirements without any human intervention. The system, which is currently implemented in 17 locations in the Emirate of Dubai, is considered one of the leading systems in the world, as it aims to automate driving tests without any human intervention 100% during the next stage.