Dubai Islamic Bank donates and pays rent for struggling families

The Rental Dispute Resolution Center - the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department - has received a donation of one million dirhams from Dubai Islamic Bank for the benefit of the "Hand of Goodness" committee in the center with the aim of helping humanitarian cases affected by rental lawsuits and families who are unable to pay rents, which resulted in court rulings issued About the Rental Dispute Resolution Center in Dubai.

Judge Abdul Qadir Musa, head of the Rental Dispute Resolution Center in Dubai, and Judge Abdulaziz Anwahi, head of the Hand of Goodness committee in the center, received the amount from the donor. Which is supervised by the Rental Dispute Settlement Center in Dubai, including the "Hand of Goodness" committee.

Judge Abdul Qadir Musa thanked Dubai Islamic Bank for its contribution to supporting the work of the “Hand of Goodness” committee and providing humanitarian assistance to families who are unable to pay rents, which would contribute to releasing poor and affected families due to their inability to pay their rent dues.

He said: The Dubai Islamic Initiative affirms its commitment to promoting a culture of charitable and humanitarian work in the community. On our part, we will strive to develop joint work and cooperation with all partners from the public and private sectors to consolidate and support the leadership's efforts and its forward-looking directions in empowering this culture among members of society.

For his part, Judge Abdulaziz Anwahi praised the initiative of the Dubai Islamic Bank through this donation.. He stressed that the committee’s work continues thanks to the efforts of the owners of the white hands, which enabled it to provide assistance to many distressed families in rental cases such as those who are subjected to eviction from their homes in implementation of an eviction ruling or those who are subject to imprisonment for the reason. himself and other humanitarian and social cases..noting that the center sets up a system to determine the humanitarian cases deserving of assistance.