Dubai Police launch a complex operation to arrest an international gang

Dubai Police arrested a prominent member of one of the most dangerous international drug smuggling gangs from Latin America to Europe, using an innovative method of saturating sugar with cocaine, and then separating it later through advanced laboratories.

The Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, said that the combat services from several countries, including the UAE, represented by the Dubai Police, together set the zero hour and raided the headquarters of the gang and arrested a number of its prominent members.

He added that the operation is the fruit of a joint effort and coordination between the General Department of Narcotics Control in Dubai Police and its counterparts in France, Spain and Colombia, and resulted in the arrest of 18 members of the criminal gang in all participating countries, and the seizure of 22 tons of sugar saturated with cocaine in a shipment that was coming from Colombia to the port of Le Havre in France.

For his part, the Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs in Dubai Police, Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansoori, said that the qualitative process included the use of the latest smart technologies to follow the movements of the gang members, and the exchange of security information between all participating countries, in addition to the drug control departments in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. And another European country, until the zero hour was set and the gang members were arrested, their plans were revealed, and cocaine shipments were seized.

While the Director of the General Department for Drug Control, Brigadier Eid Muhammad Thani Hareb, stated that the investigations into the case began nearly a year ago, when the gang established fake companies for shipping and trade between South America and Europe during the Corona pandemic, under the umbrella of exporting foodstuffs to Europe through the French port of Le Havre, but soon What the French police and customs discovered was that the containers exported by these companies were foodstuffs, specifically sugar saturated with cocaine.

He added, "Sugar shipments from Colombia to France and Spain were monitored, and the gang members' movements were carefully monitored, until the zero hour was set at 4:30 pm UAE time on the fifth of this month in conjunction between all countries, and ten gang members were arrested in The capital, Paris, and the cities of "Cannes, Midoun, Lyon", including a chemical expert specializing in separating cocaine from sugar, and the seizure of seven others in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Spain, including a chemical expert and the deputy leader of the gang, in addition to the overthrow of one of the most prominent members in Dubai.

Brigadier General Ibn Thani indicated that the joint operation resulted in the seizure of nearly 22 tons of sugar packed in 900 bags in several French cities, saturated with cocaine at rates ranging from 3% to 15%.
He added that the "sugar cane" operation also revealed that the criminal gang was behind the smuggling of 12 tons of tobacco to Belgium in August 2021, and a failed attempt to smuggle 600 kilograms of cocaine in September 2021 in the Cartagena port in the Republic of Colombia, as well as laundering huge sums of money estimated at hundreds. Millions of euros.

Appreciation for Dubai Police
The Inspector General of the French Anti-Narcotics Department, Stephanie Cherbonnier, praised the exceptional role of the Dubai Police in combating organized crime and apprehending its perpetrators in cooperation with various police agencies around the world, and the General Administration for Drug Control in France, through the joint operations room, and the exchange of direct information during Implementation of the process of arresting the gang members simultaneously between all the countries participating in the "zero hour".