Dubai Police opens the door for verification of the purchase of residences
Dubai Police opens the door for verification of the purchase of residences

The Dubai Public Prosecutor has referred a resident to the Dubai Criminal Court after several charges against him after examining his identity, UAE daily Al-Yawm Al-Youm quoted security sources as saying.

The security and judicial authorities began a thorough investigation into the discovery of an expatriate by buying residency in exchange for a sum of money. The security authorities charged him with forgery while the resident insisted that it was correct and that he had purchased it. According to the newspaper Al-Emarat Al-Youm.

The Dubai Criminal Court began legal proceedings to try an Asian visitor at the age of 28, and was charged with falsifying a resident's identity card after his confession, which ultimately reached him.

The Asian visitor insisted before the security authorities when he was caught by a Dubai police officer, that it was correct and issued to him a friend for 18 thousand dirhams, and then the security authorities discovered that the data belongs to a resident woman.

According to security sources from Dubai police, the policeman was on duty to comb the Satwa area near the bus station, and the suspect was suspected of seeing him.

The Asian defendant looked at the officer in a strange way.If the officer called into question, he asked him to come and show his identity.He took out of his trousers pocket a wallet and took out an Emirati identity card.He checked the officer in the photograph installed in it and made sure that it was close to the shape of the accused.

During the examination of the police officer in the picture suspected of the same card, because he found the texture is abnormal, and pale color, from the original counterpart, and therefore was arrested and placed in the police office to complete investigations.

According to the officer, he took the defendant to the police office and asked for an interpreter to ask the defendant about the source of the card. The man's answer was that a person of his own nationality issued it for 18,000 dirhams.

The defendant insisted that the identity card was extracted properly, and the officer examined the card data by the criminal system, and then discovered that the fixed front number on it was not restricted in the system.

The officer completed the scrutiny of the back number of the identity card and found out that it belonged to a woman of Arab nationality.