Eid Al Fitr 1441 In Oman
Eid Al Fitr 1441 In Oman

Muslim festivals are timed consistent with local sightings of varied phases of the moon, and therefore the dates given above are approximations.

Therefore, the dates of the vacations are subject to vary , and that we cannot guarantee their complete accuracy, Also, the amount of days of holiday is predicated on expected days off for the private sector.

As Ramadan nears its end and Eid al-Fitr approaches, people begin to consider buying new clothes to wear during Eid, They also buy gifts, but these are largely given just to children.

The Oman government announces the list of Public Holidays in Oman at the start of each year, it's important to notice that New Year’s Day isn't a politician public holiday in Oman, but most of the people get the time off of labor .

If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the subsequent Monday becomes a vacation .

Moreover, Islamic holidays are subject to vary supported sightings of the moon.

When are the general public holidays and festivals in Oman

On the morning of Eid, the lads will proceed to the local mosque or other prayer gathering location for Eid prayers.

When they return home, an outsized festive meal are going to be eaten by the entire family and by guests.

Food or money, called the zakat al-Fitr, is additionally tend to the poor who can’t afford to place on their own Eid al-Fitr celebration.

Holidays and Observances in Oman in 2020

Muscat: Eid Al Fitr Habta market are going to be cancelled this year, Sohar Municipality made the announcement.

Sohar Municipality said during a statement, said, "Sohar Municipality announces that Eid Al Fitr Habta Market are going to be cancelled for this year in compliance with the choices of the Supreme Committee which is handling the on-going COVID-19 crisis. "

We urge everyone to stick to the choices issued by the Supreme Committee to avoid any legal actions,the statement added.

Oman features a total of 15 holidays in 2020, within the table below, you'll find the small print of the vacations and once they are observed.

These dates could also be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates.

Oman National Day

Oman National Day is widely known every 18th of November.

It’s one among the foremost important holidays in Oman when Omani people celebrate independence from Portugal.

independent Arab state within the world.

Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha

These two major Islamic holidays are celebrated across the country.

Eid Al Fitr marks the top of Ramadan while Eid Al Adha is that the Feast of Sacrifice.

Holidays can last for four days within the public sector.

Muscat Festival

Muscat Festival is held within the first two months of the year.

It is a cultural event that celebrates the range of Oman’s culture and tradition.

Salalah Tourism Festival

It is an annual festival celebrates in Autumn which showcases sport, heritage, and other shopping activities.

Sultan Camel Race Cup

The race is an annual tradition in Oman which is taken into account a standard Omani sport.