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Emirates Aviation

Emirates Airlines issued a very important decision regarding the suspension of international flights

The countries of the world live in a state of anxiety due to the emergence of the new mutated Corona virus in the second wave, and all countries fear the spread of the epidemic in his country, as a source within Emirates Airlines decided to suspend many international flights.

Emirates announced today, Sunday, that it will temporarily suspend its flights from Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) to Dubai to March 10, 2021, in line with government directives.

 And it stated in an update published on its website that travelers from Abuja and Lagos will not be allowed to travel on or before this date, and also that travelers who have been in Nigeria or have been on a follow-up flight within the past fourteen days are not allowed to enter the UAE.
Whether it is Dubai, their final destination, or the destination of a connecting journey.

It is noteworthy that Emirates Airlines announced last Thursday that it would temporarily suspend its flights from Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) to Dubai until February 28th.

According to the update, Emirates Airlines will continue to operate its flights from Dubai to Lagos and Abuja as per the regular schedule.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Passengers affected by this procedure should contact the booking agent or the Emirates Contact Center with a view to re-booking.

Emirates Airlines does not expect travel to recover until the end of the year

Tim Clark, president of Dubai-based Emirates Airlines, said today, Wednesday, that global travel will likely remain weak until the end of the year as countries re-enforce strict restrictions to control infections with the emerging coronavirus.

Clark’s comments represent a more pessimistic view after he told Reuters last month that he did not believe that the new wave of injuries and restrictions would impede the recovery again.

"It will take longer than I had hoped," Clark said, during a virtual summit convened by CAPA Aviation Consultants, "and I think we will probably see some difficulties." We will not see a return to energy as I had hoped in July and August, I think, perhaps (it will return) in the last quarter of this year. ”

And Britain announced this week that travelers coming from certain countries will have to enter a mandatory hotel quarantine for a period of ten days, in a system similar to Australia.

The British government has said that tougher measures are needed to prevent new strains of the virus from hampering its rapid vaccination program.

In January, Britain re-imposed quarantine restrictions on travelers from the United Arab Emirates, at a time when cases in the Gulf country increased rapidly.

Clark said he expected governments to continue to close borders and impose restrictions on international travel so that they better understand how to deal with the new strains.

The 71-year-old veteran sector official tended during the crisis to be more optimistic about recovery than many of his peers.

Unlike some other airlines, Emirates lacks a domestic market to cushion the impact of the downturn in international travel.