Emirates airlines
Emirates airlines

Emirates opens flights but with limits to the United Arab Emirates and it from Frankfort, Heathrow, and London only, These are the places where the service was made available.

But Emirates set some conditions, Passengers should do it before entering the United Arab Emirates, This is to preserve their health and the health of the Emirati people from the spread of the coronavirus.

Among these conditions is news reporting DHA Compulsory upon arrival, In addition to that commitment to the period of home stone for Fourteen days then do the test.

One of the important things Those who want to travel on this trip must do it, Get accepted from the Federal Authority for Identity and Sexuality through Twajudi, which is an Emirate service.

You can order tickets from Emirates website, Not from a travel agent and you can not order it online.

Also, tickets cannot be redeemed again or the access interface changed.