Today morning, traders in the airline reservation offices in the Emirates complained that the price of airline tickets for special flights, and others that are operated by the various air carriers, may be in the context of helping residents and visitors to return to their countries of origin, demanding that they be subject to government approvals, being in one direction and costing about 1700 Dirham, Emirati on average, to regional destinations in the region in some Arab countries.

On the other hand, managers and travel agency workers said that the price of the ticket for return flights in one direction is close to the price level in two directions, if the prices are compared to the levels before the outbreak of the virus, noting that the trips are usually empty in one of the two directions, so the These rates take into account the operating costs incurred by air carriers.

They mentioned the official sources within the United Arab Emirates, that some airlines attributed the rise in prices to the application of standards for physical distance, by leaving an empty seat between each of the two seats, pointing to the high prices when compared to flights back to destinations in the Asian region.

As for the cost of the reservation:

In detail, the trader, Ahmed Al Sayed, said that the cost of booking a flight ticket to Cairo reached 1600 dirhams in one direction, pointing out that the prices are very high as it is a one-way trip, and is subject to many conditions.

He called on airlines to study prices in the framework of helping dealers under these circumstances, noting that allowing more flights and increasing their number may contribute to lowering prices, adding that these prices should be monitored and reviewed before offering them.

The dealer added, Walaa Al-Youssef, that some airlines offered illogical prices, which would constitute a burden on the travel budget, noting that prices under these conditions are not within the reach of a wide segment of dealers.

And demanded the tightening of government control over the prices of flights offered by airlines in these circumstances, pointing at the same time to the limited number of flights and the difficulty of ascertaining their availability, as well as how to make the reservation.

It stated that the prices of airline tickets before the outbreak of the virus were at lower rates, compared to the current levels.

The trader, Basil Al-Assi, said that the prices of airline tickets vary between airlines for return flights, adding that for some destinations, only one company operates the flights, and therefore it controls the prices.

He stressed the importance of airline ticket prices being subject to government approvals prior to their introduction by air carriers, pointing out that the cost of booking tickets ranges between 1400 and 1600 dirhams when booking by the airline directly, and they are higher than these levels for bookings through travel agencies.

Average prices

Furthermore, the general manager of Belhasa Tourism, Narrows Sarkis, said that "the average price of airline tickets to regional destinations in the Arab region ranged between 1600 to 1700 dirhams, and for some trips it reached 2000 dirhams," noting that "prices are high Compared to the usual levels of a group of reasons. "

He added that "flights are usually empty in one of two directions, and therefore these prices take into account the operating costs incurred by the airline," noting that "the demand on the other hand constitutes pressure on prices, especially for those wishing to travel due to family conditions or Linked to work. "

And Sarkis pointed out that "increasing the number of flights and increasing the intensity of competition, may contribute to reducing prices by limited rates during the coming period," noting that "companies cannot be forced to reduce prices by large proportions under the current operating conditions."

In turn, the Director General of the "Al-Faisal" Travel and Tourism Agency, Yassin Diab, said that "the prices of some tickets reached 2050 dirhams without calculating fees and commissions", noting that "airlines are obliged to cover operating costs during the conduct of these flights and based on that we find that Price levels are high. "

Diab mentioned that "some companies attributed the high prices to the application of the criteria for physical spacing by leaving an empty seat between each of two seats," explaining that "this step was reversed for some companies, after recommendations issued by the International Air Transport Association during the recent period."

On the other hand, we find a noticeable increase in the prices of airline tickets for return flights, when compared to the prices of flights to destinations in the Asian region.

Covering costs

In a related context, the general manager of Asayel Tourism Company, Riyadh Al-Faisal, said, "Ticket prices are determined to cover costs in both directions," adding that "in most cases, we find that the price of the ticket for one-way return flights is close to the level of The price is two-way, if prices are compared to pre-virus levels.

Al-Faisal explained that "the airlines resort to allocating the cost in order to cover both directions," pointing to the large number of cost items that air carriers bear as a result of operating a flight of up to four hours, noting that the consumer is ultimately the one who bears these costs.

The price of a one-way ticket is close to its two-way level, in the event that prices are compared to pre-SK levels.