Exempting expatriates from fines for delaying ID card renewal

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security has clarified that citizens and residents are exempted from fines for delaying the issuance or renewal of identity cards for themselves or their sponsored, if the following conditions apply:

An individual who has left the country and more than three months have passed outside the country, or a resident whose residence has expired while he is outside the country, and whose identity card has expired after the date of departure, provided that this is proven by the date of exit shown in his travel document.
An individual whose identity card has expired after deportation by order, administrative decision, or court ruling, or whose passport is seized in pending cases or because of passport renewal, provided that this is proven by a letter or receipt issued by the competent authority that expelled him or detained him in pending cases or by a renewal receipt passport.
An individual with a contagious disease, or a clinically incapacitated person, or a person with total or partial disability, provided that this is proven by a medical certificate issued by the competent authorities in the country.
The category of diplomatic missions and consuls in embassies and consulates, and the like, inside the country.
Senior citizens (70 years and over) who are unable to access customer service centers in the emirates of the country, provided that this is proven by the family book, passport or any other document approved in the country, stating the age of the customer.
The category of those subject to social security and their guarantors, provided that their status is proven by an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Community Development in the country or the competent authorities.
An individual who has not been issued an identity card for the period before obtaining the citizenship of the state, and before obtaining the family book
Delay resulting from an elbow error or for a reason related to the authority’s systems, one of its employees, or one of the typing offices assigned by the authority, and this error resulted in a delay in registration or renewal of the identity card.
The authority has clarified the steps for exemption from delay fines, which are:

Submit the application through the typing offices, or the electronic form on the authority's website, or by visiting one of the authority's service centers to submit the application
Completion of the exemption procedures if this request is approved, and the customer will be contacted within 48 hours from the date of submitting the request and the supporting documents, according to what was published by Emirates Today newspaper.