Exemption of entry visas for travelers from 163 countries

The UAE passport has expanded the scope of its exemptions from prior visas to 163 points, to consolidate its lead on its own in the first place in the world as the most powerful passport in the world, according to the latest update of the "Passport Index" index of Arton Capital, a global financial consultancy.

The UAE passport currently enables its holder to enter 110 countries around the world without a prior visa, in addition to 53 countries whose visas can be obtained on arrival or via the Internet, leaving only 35 countries that need a visa.

According to the global index, three European countries’ passports (Sweden, Finland, Italy) rank second, as their passports allow entry to 159 countries (115 countries without a visa and 44 countries on arrival or via the Internet), and the passports of 9 other countries come in third in the world in terms of The strength is: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, South Korea, New Zealand, whose passports allow entry to 158 countries (114 without a prior visa and 44 other countries on arrival or online).

According to the "Passport Index" index, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Poland and the United States of America rank fourth among the list of the most powerful passports in the world with entry to 157 countries (113 countries without a prior visa and 44 countries on arrival or via the Internet), while the passports of 7 countries are stable. Others are in fifth place in terms of strength with entry to 156 countries without a visa, which are Singapore, Malta, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.