Extension of visas
Extension of visas

Conditions in the Gulf countries developed due to the Corona virus and the suspension of flights, and for this reason the Gulf countries decided to grant the violating residents a temporary residence and extended their visas.

The Arab Gulf states have resorted to exceptional measures that allow expatriates to stay in order until the flight ban is lifted.
In Kuwait: Anas Al-Saleh, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs in Kuwait issued a decision granting residents in conflict with temporary residence valid for a period of three months, starting from 1/3/2020, with a maximum term of 31/5/20/2020. Automatically, via the computer system in cooperation with the information and communications technology sector

He pointed out that the beneficiaries of the decision are the residents who are inside Kuwait only from the holders of residencies (of all kinds) whose residence has expired, and those who entered the country according to entry or visits (of all kinds) and the validity period of their entry permits expired, provided that the sponsor or the employer During this period, to automatically modify the status of the violator who was granted temporary residence by completing the residence procedures previously granted to him through the website of the Ministry of Interior.

-In Saudi Arabia: The Council of Ministers decided not to count the period of suspension of international flights, which the government has taken as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus in the Kingdom, from the duration of the visit visa for the purpose of tourism, whether it is valid and has not been used, or that the owner was inside the Kingdom during the suspension. 

In the United Arab Emirates: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced that expatriates' residency, whether they are inside or outside the country, is considered valid until the end of December.