Fraudsters steal 140,000 dirhams using the ID card, and the police warn

Abu Dhabi Police broadcast a video through its official account on the social networking site "Facebook", of a realistic story told by one of the victims of the phone scam as part of the "Be careful" campaign, explaining that fraudsters sent him an email claiming to be from the police and asked him to send a copy of his Emirates ID card.

He said that after sending all the required papers, he discovered that it was a fraud, as more than 140,000 dirhams were withdrawn from his bank account. He immediately called the bank and asked them to close his bank account and cancel his bank card and credit card. Then he reported the incident to the police and reassured him that investigations are underway and the process is being followed up.

He stated that the Abu Dhabi Police Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation conveyed to him the happy news that his money had been returned to his account, and he had already received the amount. He thanked and appreciated the Abu Dhabi Police and its watchful eyes from the Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation for their efforts in confronting fraud and fraud and returning the funds to his account.

The Abu Dhabi Police called for the need to unite police, community and media efforts to address various security phenomena, and to enhance the role of the media in spreading awareness and warning against modern fraud methods used to deceive the public, stressing its interest in uncovering the tricks of criminals and confronting their deceptive methods, no matter how cunning and cunning they are, and urging them to quickly report them by communicating with Aman service on 800 2626 or send a text message to 2828.