On the occasion of the advent of the Christmas and New Year holidays, “Al-Ahram Auto” monitored the details of the entry of cars of foreigners or Egyptians abroad into Egypt without customs duties, i.e. release under the triptik system, for foreigners and Egyptians residing abroad and who have a desire to disembark their cars to spend the New Year holidays and celebrate the Christmas holidays.

The Customs Authority confirmed that the “Triptik” system is one of the systems that facilitate and facilitate the entry of cars of foreigners or Egyptians abroad into Egypt without customs duties, but it is subject to the “Triptik” system, the temporary release of the car and its return again to its other country.

He indicated that the temporary release of the car is for a period of six months, and the car owner has the right to extend the release period for another three months at the same time or at another time during the year.

The authority revealed the conditions and fees for the triptik system to allow foreigners or Egyptians abroad to enter Egypt, which is that the owner of the car is residing abroad, that the car entered is in his name and that the car is accompanied by an international or local soil book issued by a car club.

And that the owner of the car holds a fixed passport for travel with exit and entry visas to Egypt, as well as residence, and foreigners have the right to enter their cars according to the soil system during their visit to Egypt

Regarding the conditions and instructions for the entry of private cars into Egypt, the Customs Law clarified that the “conditions for entering saloon cars” are the turf system that the citizen has spent abroad for 9 months or more. And that the car was owned and registered in the same model year, and that the buyer of the car was its first owner

And that the special certificate “To Whom It May Concern” be extracted from the traffic department in which the car is registered. It includes detailed data of the car and the date of its registration. The certificate is authenticated by the foreign ministry or the consulate. Renewal procedures

Inspection of the vehicle on the certificate of procedures for each release of the vehicle from the warehouse

The renewal is for an initial period of tourism or six months of tourism (first + second period), and it is paid in return for the suspension of the prescribed tax payment and its statement/

500 pounds for the first period of tourism

And a thousand pounds for the second period of tourism